Property Management

Property Management

Property Interests

If your project requires any of the below from SCV Water, contact three (3) months prior to the start of your project with a project description, location (address, Los Angeles County Assessor Parcel Number) and title report to receive the submittal requirements. There may be an administrative fee associated with document updates.


Permission from the owner (Licensor) to an individual or an entity to use real property for a specific purpose (Licensee). Does not transfer an interest in the real property. Personal to the licensee and any attempt to transfer the license terminates it. It is (usually) revocable and can be either exclusive or non-exclusive.


Right or interest one party has in land of another. Transfers to the easement holder an interest in the real property that encumbers title. Easements are classified as either appurtenant (benefiting and transferable with a specific piece of real property) or in gross (personal to the grantee). An easement can be transferred. Unless otherwise specified, an easement is presumed to be permanent and non-exclusive.


Transfers interest in a property without stating the nature of the interest or rights.


Real Property

Sections IV.(D)(15) and (16) of the Policies and Procedures for the Board of Directors of the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency regarding the General Manager’s authority to dispose, transfer and accept interests in real property:

SCV Water Board of Directors Policies and Procedures: Real Property

15.          Real Property

(a)          The Board reserves for itself the sole authority to convey and dispose of all interests in real property, except as provided below.

(b)          Easements.  The General Manager is authorized to grant easements upon real property, or relinquish easements held by the  Agency,  including, but not limited to, easements for construction, inspection, access, storage, operations, maintenance, and emergency service, as follows:

                        (1)          Temporary easements not to exceed five years in duration; and

(2)          Permanent easements, including by way of quitclaim, with a fair market value, as reasonably determined by the General Manager or his/her representative, of $100,000 or less.

(c)           Accepting and Acquiring Real Property.  The General Manager is authorized to accept and acquire, by dedication or purchase, real property, which includes but is not limited to deeds, and grants of interests in and easements upon real property, on behalf of the Agency and in a form approved by General Counsel to the Agency, for the purposes of expanding, maintaining and operating the Agency and its water system and have a fair market value, as reasonably determined by the General Manager or his/her representative of $100,000 or less. 

(d)          The General Manager shall provide a semi-annual report of transactions executed pursuant to the authority granted in this section to the Engineering and Operations Committee.

16.       License Agreements.  The General Manager is authorized to enter into license agreements related to the access and/or use of real property, and amendments to such license agreements, that have a fair market value, as reasonably determined by the General Manager or his/her representative, of $100,000 or less. All other such license agreements require Board authorization.

Click here to view the full Policies and Procedures for the Board of Directors of the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency.

Cell sites

A cell site is a cellular-enabled mobile device site where antennas and electronic communications equipment are placed (typically on a radio mast, tower, or other raised structure) to create a cell, or adjacent cells, in a cellular network.

SCVWA currently allows the rental of tank site property for cell site locations which benefits both the community and the Agency. The cell sites provide the community access to different cellular networks as well as provide a revenue stream to the agency.

If you are a carrier or site manager requesting to modify an existing cell tower or a potential new location, a deposit agreement and fee is required. Contact to learn more.

Land Acquisition

In an effort to maintain and improve the necessary infrastructure to ensure the continued  delivery of quality water to area homes and businesses, SCV Water works collaboratively with other agencies, and with private property owners when necessary. We are contacting you because you may own or lease a property located near a water facility or pipeline. As we look forward to making future improvements throughout the valley, there may be an opportunity to explore using a portion of your property as part of a project. The scope of projects vary greatly, as does the real property required. Some uses are temporary (during construction), while others are permanent, and some are simply easements while others might be a purchase in fee.

There are several financial benefits for property owners considering participation in projects.

Contact to learn more.