Water Saving Actions & Resources

Water Saving Actions & Resources

Conservation is a California Way of Life

We must all continue to do our part to save water and reduce water waste for future droughts. Long-term conservation actions will stretch supplies during future shortages, achieve community sustainability and support and enhance the fantastic quality of life we enjoy in the SCV.

Here are some simple ways to jump-start your water savings:

  • FOCUS ON EFFICIENCY. Aim for the most benefit with the least waste.
  • FIND AND FIX LEAKS. Small leaks can add up, but a regular inspection can help minimize and prevent them.
  • REPORT WATER WASTE. Neighbors and businesses may not even realize they have a leak, overspray, run-off or other wasteful condition. Help save water by reporting water waste in the SCV, so we can make every drop count.

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Water-Saving Actions for Residents, Businesses and Landscape Customers

Start by turning a few simple water-saving practices into habits and soon, you’ll be living that water-saving lifestyle!


More than half of an average home’s water use is outdoors. So look for ways to water more efficiently in your outdoor landscape, and you’ll see your water savings grow!

  • Convert to high-efficiency irrigation equipment and save up to 131 gal/day
  • Swap your water-thirsty lawn for a water-wise landscape and save up to 375 gal/day
  • Fix irrigation leaks and save 12-15 gallons each time you water


Try these ideas for adding water-saving activities into your daily routine!

  • Fix indoor leaks and save 27 – 90 gal/day
  • Take 5-minute showers and save 12 gallons with a high-efficiency shower head
  • Use full loads and water-wise appliances to save 5 – 45 gallons per dish or laundry load

  • Washing Machines.  Install a high-efficiency washing machine. Typically, these machines use 50% less water and energy than standard machines. Use the settings on the washer machine to ensure that the right amount of water is used. Most clothes washers offer the ability to select the size for each load of laundry. Matching the load size will reduce the overall amount of water needed by the machine to get the job done.
  • Appliances. Choose water-efficient Energy Star™ and WaterSense™-approved appliances, such as dishwashers and clothes washers.

  • Leak Detection. To check your meter for leaks on your property, first make sure that all indoor and outdoor plumbing fixtures are turned off. Then check the meter and record the reading on the dial. Wait one hour. Then check the meter again and record another reading. If all indoor and outdoor plumbing fixtures have been turned off, the reading should not have changed. If the numbers have changed, you have a leak. Contact a plumber to help you locate the leak source.

    To check leaks in toilets, drop a dye tab or food coloring in the tank. If the color seeps into the bowl, replace the flapper valve. Flush promptly when complete so that the dye tab does not color the toilet bowl or tank.

Commercial Customers

Businesses, schools, HOAs and irrigation customers – water savings opportunities are everywhere, including where you learn and work!

  • Schools and businesses get a free site survey to discover water-saving opportunities—up to 320 gal/day
  • Large landscape/HOAs, a free site survey could find savings of 7,000 gallons per 1,000 square feet
  • Convert to high-efficiency irrigation equipment to save up to 131 gal/day
  • Swap your water-thirsty lawn for a water-wise landscape and save up to 320 gal/day

Water-Saving Resources

At the links below, learn more about the resources we have to help you save water. You’ll find everything from irrigation tips to rebates to easy steps every customer can take to become more water-efficient.

Water Efficiency Tips

Did you know more than half of an average home’s water use is outdoors — and up to half of that is wasted. We offer lots of step-by-step tips and easy to follow videos for detecting home leaks, fixing a toilet and checking your irrigation system.

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Yes! There’s a Rebate for that!

Residential and commercial customers can get rebates to:

  • Upgrade to more efficient irrigation, including smart controllers, drip irrigation, high-efficiency nozzles, and (commercial only) pressure regulators
  • Replace turf with water-wise landscaping

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Water-Wise Learning and Resources

Learn how to keep your garden in tip-top shape and save water in the process.


Yes! We can help you get started!

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