Current Projects

Current Projects

SCV Water is undertaking multiple projects to effectively manage the water supply for our customers, ensuring they have access to reliable water resources today and tomorrow. Click on a topic below to learn more.

Capital Improvement Projects


Construction Projects

Investing in Our Water Supply

Delivering a clean, reliable supply of water to our customers takes years of thoughtful planning and ongoing development of new infrastructure, such as pipes and treatment facilities, as well as repairs and upgrades to our current water system.

We are committed to keeping our customers informed of current and upcoming projects. Regular updates on construction projects in the Santa Clarita Valley are posted here and also communicated through our e-newsletter, social media, fact sheets, signage at construction sites and local media.


Current Projects

Dickason Drive Pipeline

Pipeline improvements on Dickason Drive between Decoro Drive and Smyth Drive are currently underway. The main purpose of this work is to replace an existing pipeline prone to leaks. This work is a portion of longer-term efforts that will fortify the agency’s water network for our customers.

View Press Release - September 26, 2023

ESFP Wash Water Return and Sludge Collection Improvements

Updates to the ESFP’s wash water return and sludge collection systems have been underway. These additions to the plant include over 1 MG of storage for wash water recovery and new equipment used within the sludge handling process. These improvements will increase operational efficiency, ease of maintenance, and redundancies to ensure continual plant operation.


LA-2 Turnout

New developments in the Castaic area have required the need for additional water distribution infrastructure. A new turnout and related piping ensure the precise, prompt delivery of water to new customers.

Magic Mountain Pipeline Phase 4/5/6A/6B

Phases 4-6B of the new Magic Mountain Pipeline located along Magic Mountain Parkway are nearly completed. Over two miles of pipeline 42 inches in diameter have been installed to supply water to the western side of the Agency's distribution system. This pipeline ultimately connects to a reservoir close by.

Pitchess Pipeline Modifications

When new construction occurs near Agency pipelines, SCV Water will provide additional protection for impacted pipes. This is currently being done for the existing reaches of the Pitchess Pipeline located within the project footprint of the I-5 Freeway Widening project. This work minimizes the chances of service disruption while freeway construction work is completed.

Santa Clara & Honby Wells PFAS Groundwater Treatment Improvements

This project involves constructing ion exchange treatment vessels to remove PFAS and restore service to the Santa Clara and Honby wells in Saugus. Construction will improve local water resiliency and water quality for our customers.

Saugus #3 and #4 Replacement Wells

Two new wells are being drilled in the westside of town. Both wells reach the Saugus aquifer over 2,000 feet below the surface. Together these wells are intended to pump groundwater at a combined rate of 4,000 gpm.

Well 201 VOC Treatment Improvements

This project involves constructing Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) treatment vessels to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from groundwater pumped from Well 201, located in Valencia. Construction will improve local water resiliency and water quality for our customers.

Water Treatment Facility at Well 205

SCV Water regularly samples its groundwater wells for perchlorate and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

In 2012, testing found perchlorate and VOCs in low concentrations in Well 205, which is located west of McBean Parkway and north of Valencia Boulevard in the Valencia area.. As a result, the well was immediately removed from service.

SCV Water has identified the area near Well 205 as a location for an on-site groundwater treatment facility. The site is adjacent to the City of Santa Clarita’s McBean Regional Transit Center.

The groundwater treatment facility is a $20 million investment in SCV Water’s long-term water reliability. Construction is anticipated to begin in Spring 2024 and end in Fall 2025.

Once operational, the facility would remove perchlorate and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to the State level of non-detect. Additionally, it will restore 2,700 gallons per minute (GPM), or enough on average to serve about 5,000 households annually.

Click here to learn more about the Water Treatment Facility at Well 205.