Rio Vista Treatment Facility

Rio Vista Treatment Facility

(for Wells T7, U4 and U6)

SCV Water is continuing its commitment to restoring local groundwater quality with the new T7, U4 and U6 Groundwater Treatment System Project located at the current Rio Vista Intake Pump Station Facility. This project ensures a local, reliable source of groundwater for SCV Water’s customers and reduces reliance on costly imported water.

The existing Rio Vista Intake Pump Station Facility is currently used by SCV Water for various production and operational functions. It primarily pumps imported state water to the Rio Vista Treatment Plant, which is located approximately 1.3 miles northeast of the site. Groundwater from the existing T7, U4 and U6 wells will be diverted to the facility for treatment and disinfection before it is put into our water distribution system.

Rio Vista Intake Pump Facility Groundwater Treatment Features and Community Benefits

  • New PFAS Groundwater Treatment System
    • Treats groundwater from the existing T7, U4 and U6 wells, which are currently offline due to PFAS
    • Located offsite along the Santa Clara River, between 1 to 1.5 miles east of the property
    • The 3 wells are permitted to produce up to 3,450 gallons per minute
    • Restores enough water to serve up to 5,000 families annually
    • Estimated project cost: $14 million
    • Facility includes a new disinfection building, four vessels, prefilters, pumps, motors and ancillary equipment, all to be constructed within the facility property
    • Treats water through synthetic ion absorption, a proven, cost-effective PFAS treatment option
    • Minor pipeline work will be required within Bouquet Canyon Road
    • Existing oak trees, located along the east end of the property will be removed. SCV Water is proactively working with a third-party certified arborist and the City of Santa Clarita to ensure proper removal and replacement of the trees along with obtaining permits