Drought Ready SCV

Drought Ready SCV

Adopt An SCV-Friendly, Water-Efficient Lifestyle

In response to the severe multi-year drought, we’re asking our residents, business community, HOAs, schools, and visitors to please help conserve our water. This doesn’t necessarily mean we should let our trees and beautiful gardens go dry. Instead, it means recognizing the benefits and value water provides to the Santa Clarita Valley and taking steps to reduce water inefficiency and waste. Being water conscious in and around our homes, businesses, schools and landscapes, must become a part of our daily lives, and not just a temporary mindset

Latest Drought News

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Stage 2 Drought Bulletin.

Stage 2 Bulletin - English

Stage 2 Bulletin - Spanish

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Fact Sheet.

Fact Sheet - English

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Water Shortage Contingency Plan and Ordinance.

Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Water Conservation and Water Supply Shortage Ordinance

Watering Restrictions in Effect

SCV Water has moved to Stage 2 of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan and Water Conservation and Water Supply Shortage Ordinance. To ensure we meet our Stage 2 requirements, we’re encouraging all customers to voluntarily reduce their water use by up to 20%.

Exemptions To Scv Water’S Water Conservation And Water Shortage Ordinance

A few exemptions offer ways protect our landscape investments while still practicing efficient water use. Watering day and time limits do not apply to:

  • Landscape irrigation zones that use drip irrigation
  • Landscape irrigation zones that use high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles with low precipitation rates (equal to or less than 1 in per hour)
  • Hand watering of established trees as well as fruits and vegetables for human consumption

Make Conservation A California Way Of Life 

Meeting our 20% conservation target isn’t a one-time thing. Use water-saving practices daily until they become a habit and lifestyle.  Everyone has an important role as stewards of this precious resource.

Learn more about SCV Water’s Conservation Rebate Programs.

Report Water Waste

Neighbors and businesses may not even realize they have a leak, overspray, run-off or other wasteful condition. Help save water by reporting water waste in the SCV so we can make every drop count.

Drought Resources

Our top priority is communicating with our customers about the drought on how to reduce water waste. The resources on our Water Saving Actions and Resources page will provide you with important information to save water during this historic drought.