Plan Checks

Plan Checks

SCV Water does not have an over-the-counter review of plans. 

Any and all proposed water utility improvements to serve a property or development must be reviewed and approved by SCV Water. Proposed water utility plans should be submitted to the SCV Water email account at

Please include the following project information:

  • including project title
  • address and/or tract/lot
  • developer contact information
  • engineer contact information

A plan check fee must be paid prior to SCV Water’s plan review. A representative from SCV Water’s Engineering Services Section will contact the developer within five (5) working days to discuss the project and determine the plan check fee and schedule for completing the plan review. Generally, SCV Water will endeavor to complete plan checks within four (4) weeks of receipt of the plan check deposit.

Coming soon …

SCV Water is in the process of preparing detailed procedural guidelines to be posted to this website to provide developers and consultants with a guide to SCV Water’s procedures and general design criteria for domestic water improvement plans.