Education Programs (K-8)

Education Programs (K-8)

SCV Water believes in the importance of educating our youth, our future leaders of tomorrow, on the benefits of protecting and conserving our water supply.

Elementary Programs

Kindergarten – Second Grade

Kindergarten through 2nd-grade presentations are conducted at the elementary school in each individual classroom. We encourage grade-level teams from the same school to coordinate their bookings. That way, we can visit each classroom in one to two days depending on the number of classes per grade level.

Kindergarten (45 minutes)

In this classroom presentation, the children explore uses for water and participate in an interactive flannel board story about a plant growth cycle.

First Grade (45 minutes)

In this classroom presentation, children learn about weather and the water cycle. They act out the water cycle, sing a song, and complete a water cycle craft.

Second Grade (45 minutes)

In this classroom presentation, children are introduced to the California State Water Project, water conservation and pollution prevention with Drip Drop the Dragon and Fred the Fish.

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Third – Sixth Grade

Third through sixth-grade field trips are conducted at the SCV Water Treatment Plant on Bouquet Canyon Road.

Third Grade
(approx. 2 hours)

Students learn about the importance of plants in our lives while visiting the Conservatory Garden, dissecting plants, and discovering the amount of water needed for everyday items and activities.

Fourth Grade
(approx. 2 hours)

Students become microbiologists and will use microscopes to participate in an interactive water knowledge game and tour the water treatment plant.

Fifth Grade
(approx. 2 hours)

Students work in teams to construct, inspect, and operate a working scale model of the Rio Vista Treatment Plant followed by a tour of the water treatment plant.

Sixth Grade
(approx. 2 hours)

Students become chemists and conduct hands-on water quality experiments followed by a tour of the water treatment plant.

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Junior High School Programs

The junior high programs are all designed to be presented in classrooms at the school sites. These programs work with a traditional 5-period class schedule or can be adjusted to a block schedule.

Our programs have received special recognition from the Hart District's "Harts of Gold" Business Partners Program.

Seventh Grade (45 minutes)

The lesson includes:

  • A brief overview of drinking water in the U.S. and worldwide
  • A discussion of waterborne illnesses, their symptoms, causes, and prevention

Interactive component:

  • Role play by reading scripts as doctors and patients
  • Together, the class must guess the waterborne illness

Eighth Grade (45 minutes)

The lesson includes:

  • An overview of our drinking water supplies focused on the California State Water Project and local SCV groundwater aquifers

Interactive component:

  • Blind taste test between tap and bottled water, where the students record their comparison


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